I met Chris as a colleague and classmate, but he soon became my mentor. As a gay man navigating my new sense of self and in the process of becoming more and more of who I was meant to be, Chris provided me with the wisdom and guidance regarding the unique qualities gay men posses. Although I was skeptic at first, after working with Chris for over 6 months I became aware that gay men indeed have inborn gifts and purposes and I found myself teaching this wisdom to others. It was only because of Chris’ experience, his exposure and his openness to learning from different traditions, shamanic and Westren, through his connection to both traditional psychology and methods such as dream work and deep inner work I was transformed as a gay man and learned to embrace my specialness. Chris has given me guidance, worked with me on my dreams and offered me knowledge and support that made me the person who I am today. Our work together allowed me to help other gay men on their journey of becoming. I cannot recommend Chris enough to any individual who is seeking counseling, dreamwork or mentoring. He has changed my life completely and I am forever grateful that I had met him. With charm, lightness and deep wisdom and sensitivity I am certain that Chris will be of help to those who wish to fully realize their potential as gay men. He is a true gatekeeper and he uses his gifts to bring the awareness of the uniqueness gay men hold to the forefront.

Itai Neiger – Tel Aviv, Israel

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